We help people tell the story of their products and services through their websites.

Nimble Technology was founded in 2017 to help make high-quality websites affordable for everyone. Each Nimble website is:

Hi! I'm Hannah Smythe, Founder & Lead Web Engineer at Nimble Technology

I help people build better websites. A storyteller, designer, and experienced web engineer, I’m passionate about helping people grow their businesses using smart, well-built technology and marketing systems.

I’ve worked with clients from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia to Argentina to Switzerland to Rwanda to Singapore. You’ll be working directly with me on all web design & development projects. My aim is to make the process easy, efficient, and empowering for you and your company.

Why You'll Love Working With Us

Consistent Quality

Transparent Step-by-Step Project Management

Easy & Efficient Commenting System

Easy-to-follow, personalized video tutorials to walk you step-by-step through how to manage & update your new website

What Sets Us Apart


The 5-4-3-2-1 Method℠:
How We Build Better Websites

Copia de Nimble Technology, LLC

The Nimble Method℠:
The Processes We Walk Each Client Through

Just A Few Of The Websites We've Built

Nimble Technology Portfolio: informXL SaaS, Data Analysis and Software Solutions for Home Builders

informXLSaaS Company

Sleekly designed website for a SaaS company offering comprehensive reports, databases and dashboards for homebuilders.

Nimble Technology Portfolio: Global.AI artificial intelligence UN partner


Website for a Big Data company building artificial intelligence models for institutional investors, governments and multilateral international organizations.

Nimble Technology Portfolio: McLean Mortgage website

McLean Mortgage Company

This was a massive project that synthesized 74 separate loan officer websites into a single site, featuring a searchable directory.
Available in English or Spanish.

Nimble Technology Portfolio: Karama Yoga Studio in Saudi Arabia

Karama Yoga Studio

Meaning "Dignity" in Arabic, Karama was one of the first studios to open in Saudi Arabia following the legalization of yoga in 2017.
Available in English or Arabic.

What's Included With Each Website

**When using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon's cloud computing platform. Learn which major companies use AWS, and how cloud computing can benefit your website here and here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I couldn’t be happier to have found Nimble. They are consummate professionals and wonderful collaborators. So respectful of their client’s needs and vision and truly wanting to bring their vision to life."
Elaine H.
Video Coach
"I've hired developers around the world. Nimble's attention to detail stood out. The work was done thoroughly and sprinkled in with some thoughtful "above and beyond" items that made our project even better than I expected. They met the budget, the timeline, and was able to do better work than I had scoped. What more could you ask for?"
Wes F.
Software Developer
"Nimble is creative, dependable, flexible and extremely easy to work with. They suggested things I didn't even know I needed and made my website not only a work of beauty, but a secure, highly functional place to show off my brand. Extremely pleased!"
Suzanne C.
Mystery Books Author
"We needed a new website built from scratch. Nimble exceeded our expectations during every step of the process. They had great ideas and their communication is topnotch. We gave them a few ideas/samples of what we wanted and they drove it home. I’m so happy to have found this excellent company and look forward to working with them again."
William R.
Sales & Marketing Manager
"It was effortless working with Nimble. Once I handed off my guidelines, they took the project and ran with it. I have a few other projects in the works and I'll definitely be reaching out to Nimble to handle them."
Corey G.
Chief Marketing Manager
"Nimble did an awesome job fixing several issues with our website. They also went above and beyond to explain different technical aspects that I was having trouble with! Thanks for the help!"
Sandra C.
Head of Product

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Check out our free resources

5 things you absolutely need to do before starting a website

The 6 Things
to focus on
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Top 5 tips for working with remote freelancers or remote teams

The top 6 things to avoid when starting a new website

Let's start your project!
Click on a category to view all packages offered:

For web design & development, the following can be used to estimate your project, though each quote is tailored to your needs.

Please note that the number of blog posts you have is not included in your page count. Instead, a blog counts as 2 pages:
1 page that showcases all posts, and 1 page that unifies the design/layout of all posts.

Getting Started

Free Resources

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DIY Courses

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Personalized Web Design & Strategy Consultation

A 45-minute, 1-on-1 session with Hannah to talk through the strategies, resources, and software solutions that will make sure your project unfolds smoothly and that the final project will meet your needs. Book here.

Standard Web Design & Development

Single Page Starter Website Design & Development

  • Landing/Home page, with up to 5 sections
  • Complimentary SEO strategy consultation, and copyediting for SEO
  • 1 Contact form, integrated with your branded email address
  • 1 year's worth of free hosting with AWS
  • Full security configuration & spam protection
  • Customized Privacy Policy tailored to your needs

2 - 4 Page Website Design & Development

What's Included:
  • Landing/Home page
  • Customized Privacy Policy tailored to your needs
  • Your choice of two (2) of the following: Contact Us, Apply Now, Book/Schedule Now

5 - 9 Page Website Design & Development

What's Included:
In addition to the pages listed above, these websites often include:
  • About Us / Our Story
  • Services / Portfolio
  • FAQs
  • Filterable Blog page + customized blog post layout (2 pages)
  • Any other pages that suit your needs

10 - 19 Page Static Website Design & Development

$3,450 - $4,850

20 - 39 Page Static Website Design & Development

$4,450 - $7,800

40+ Page Static Website Design & Development


Specialized Web Design & Development

*Pricing depends on size of website + level of customization/special features

E-Commerce Website

$3,400 - $5,600
Get started in the world of online retail with WooCommerce

Online courses website

$3,400 - $5,600
Sell digital courses online with a bespoke LearnDash website

E-Commerce + Online Courses Website

$3,900 - $5,800
Sell course bundles and other merchandise through your LearnDash + E-Commerce website.

Multivendor Marketplace

$5,800 and up
Allow multiple vendors to sell their products and services through your marketplace website.

Advanced Web Design & Development

Established Website Redesign & Development (20+ pages)

$4,400 - $9,800

Established Website Redesign & Development (20+ pages), With Custom Search Engine + Sort/Search filters

Starting at $8,800
With custom user accounts, user dashboards or membership plans: +$4,400 - $7,800 per user type

For Enterprise: Comprehensive brand building, copywriting, web design & development, multilingual translations,
and Google Analytics

Starting at $17,000
Brand building: +$5,000 - $16,000
Multilingual translations:
+$7,200 for the first language
+$5,200 for each additional language

Optional Extras

Logo & Brand Design

We'll design your logo, branded font pairing, and custom color palette (Requires 1 week lead time)

Comprehensive Technical SEO Package

Starting at $125
  • $125 for 1-4 page websites
  • $180 for 5-8 page websites
  • $225 for 10-20 page websites
  • $275 for 21-40 page websites
  • $330 for 41-60 page websites

Online booking / appointment-making functionality


Instagram Feed Connection

Requires development of a Facebook (Meta) app in order to authorize a website to pull in the Instagram feed.

Email marketing or funnels integration

Integrations with ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign or MailChimp

Donations form or single product purchase form

Includes Stripe and/or PayPal payment integration

Personalized Google Analytics Dashboard

Track your site traffic and analyze your users' behavior with a dynamic dashboard that makes your users' data easy to read
Include comprehensive video tutorial: +$25

Multilingual Functionality for 1-20 page websites; you hire the translators

Plus the cost of the translation software ($0 - $220), depending on your site's word-count
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