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We work closely with clients to tell their story and build their brand identity through their websites and visual materials.

When you’ve got an important deadline fast approaching, Nimble is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to improve your website’s speed, scalability, security and SEO, build your brand identity, and polish your marketing materials.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development: All the tools you need to grow your audience and improve your site's speed, scalability, security and SEO.

Email Setup

Make it possible to send emails to and from your website domain. Receive emails to a branded Gmail account (e.g., or allow prospective clients to reach you through a contact form on your website.

Page Speed Optimization

A slow-loading site will drag down your SEO. Diagnostic tests and a comprehensive strategy will dramatically improve your page speed and SEO.

WordPress Theme Troubleshooting

Quick troubleshooting and site replications for themebuilders Divi, Themify, and Elementor (Astra).

WordPress Configuration

For the DIY-er who wants to get straight to designing. Domain name acquisition, web hosting & server configuration via AWS EC2, WordPress installation & SEO configuration.​

Newsletter Subscription Setup

Building an email listserv and/or keeping up a quarterly newsletter are key ways to build and keep in touch with your audience. Let your website’s visitors sign up for your listserv using an easy-to-use signup box.

Plugin Installation

Now offering:
  • Complete site security
  • 1-click site backup & restore
  • Google Analytics integration, so you can track your site traffic right from your WordPress Dashboard

Marketing & Advertising

Beautifully designed materials to connect with your audience, establish your brand identity, and visually communicate your expertise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website not ranking highly? A 360° analysis will reveal why, and lay out a step-by-step action plan to optimize existing content.

Brand Identity Package

Reach your target audience with an individualized logo, graphics, and color strategically designed to communicate your story and value proposition.

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive social media campaigns to build your audience and engage your community.

Available in English or Spanish.

Quick Fixes

Professionally designed slide decks and presentation materials to visually communicate your results at your next investor pitch or academic presentation.

Pitch Decks & Investor Presentations

Polished slide decks that visually break down your business vertical, revenue model, go-to-market strategy, and competitor landscape, demo your product and introduce your team.

Academic Presentation Slide Decks

Polished slides for academic presentations in LaTeX/Beamer.

Infographics, Maps and Visual Aids

Engaging visuals that impactfully communicate your findings and value proposition to your audience.

Graphic & Infographic Design

Polished products to visually communicate your services and what makes you unique.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Curated palettes, custom elements and a blend of designer & open- source typography communicate your brand story and identity.

Infographic Design

Visually explain your business processes and services to your customers.

Sign Design

A-frame displays, posters, shop signs and billboards.

Photos & Videos

Videos & large image files can slow down your site. Nimble optimizes your video and image files for web loading, storage and display. When it comes to content creation, we curate photos--including e-commerce photos--and edit them too, so you can present your content at its best.

Photo Resizing & File Format Optimization

Blow small photos up to poster size while maintaining pixel-perfect clarity, or compress images to optimize their appearance and minimize their loading time online.

Photo Retouching

Professional photo editing including sky replacement, background replacement, or standard photo retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Stock Photo Gathering

Your days of cold, aloof stock images are over. Illustrate your website with visually stunning, creative, warm and free-to-use images licensed under Creative Commons.

Video Compression & File Format Optimization

Compress videos to optimize their loading time on-site. Take things a step further by using a content delivery network (CDN) to download them as quickly as possible, maximizing user experience (UX) and minimizing page speed, an important factor in SEO.

E-Commerce Photo Editing

Zoom or transpose photos against white, transparent or live-action backgrounds, while maintaining realistic shadows.

Web-Optimized Images

Showcase your work at its best, with images optimized to the resolution of the Web using compression algorithms to maximize free storage space and minimize loading time.​

White Papers & Academic Reports

Polished products to enhance your professional profile, impactfully communicate your findings and establish your authority.

Data Cleaning and Table Formatting

Data cleaning and visual design in R, LaTeX, or Excel.

Infographics, Maps and Visual Aids

Engaging visuals that impactfully communicate your findings to your audience.

White Paper Design in InDesign

Increase the reach of your findings and impactfully communicate their importance to your audience with modern, visually engaging designs and layouts.

Resume/CV Websites

Enhance your professional profile and increase the reach of your papers with a sleek personal website that's simple to manage and update.

Academic Paper Typesetting

Brochures, white papers, and academic papers and presentations in LaTeX/Beamer.

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