What's Included With Each Website

Nimble is on a mission to democratize advanced technology and make high-quality websites affordable for everyone. Each of Nimble’s websites seamlessly integrates the frontend and backend with the same scalable and cost-effective cloud computing infrastructure as companies like Airbnb and Netflix.

Every detail of how our sites’ frontend, backend and underlying hardware interact has been thoroughly thought through, maximizing your search engine optimization (SEO), page speed, and user experience (UX).


Optional Extras (Basic):

Additional Industry-Specific Features Available:

* Integrating Gmail and GSuite accounts is included in the cost of your Nimble website. For Outlook accounts, an additional $40 charge will be incurred, to license the software required to integrate the web forms with your email account.

**Requires you to create a Google Cloud account — we will provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Why choose Nimble?

Comprehensive Brand Building Consultation

Your success is our success. We'll work with you to establish your brand identity and build your presence on the web. We'll help you connect with your target audience, and work with you to build the visuals you'll need to tell your story and get the word about your products and services out there.

Our Client Training Gurantee

We're on a mission to democratize advanced technology by empowering people to confidently use it. With each of our website packages, you'll receive comprehensive, easy-to-follow, personalized training videos that walk you through everything you need to know about managing and updating your new site. SEO training can be added for those who want to take a hands-on approach to managing and updating their site.

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