User testing a website

This assignment is just to look over the CPBR website and do some user testing. In other words, user testing just means to check over the site on your PC and/or smartphone, and to send me screenshots or notes on anything that looks not-quite-right when testing the site on those devices. This 3-minute video will walk you through it. You can also test the site in different browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc, depending on which ones you already have installed. 

For the deliverables, I’ll just need your screenshots/notes on anything that didn’t look quite right when you viewed the site from your devices. If everything looks great and you didn’t find anything that looks wrong with it, that’s also fine, just let me know. And then also let me know A) Which devices you used (Samsung PC, Huawei smartphone, etc), and B) Which browsers you used for testing on each (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer etc). 

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