Tutorials on creating Custom Post Types

This task is to go through some tutorial videos on YouTube to familiarize yourself with using the JetEngine plugin to create Custom Post Types (CPTs), like the Research Resources CPT you’ve been working with in the CBPR website.

You can either A) Set up a new server in AWS, or B) Use the server you set up for the Elementor project you created in our first week together to get started. Then please follow along with this YouTube video, which will teach you the basics of setting up a CPT. At minute 0:37, the video will tell you what you need for this tutorial: The JetEngine plugin you’ll need to install is attached below, and you can use Astra in place of the Hello theme (they’re basically the same thing, just Astra has some extra features).

The link above is Part I of the tutorial series. If you decide you’d like to go further, Part II will teach you about Taxonomies (those Research Resource Category and Research Resource Format tags you’ve been adding). Part III I’d skip for, and then Part IV shows you how to add custom fields onto existing post types, like Blogs, Pages, etc.

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