Setting up the popups for the Lead Magnet subscriptions

To start, I’ve shared the login for with you. Recall that The Nomads Academy is my second company, the online course funnel company that I’m spending the summer building out. I’m still working on putting together the pieces of the website, but it’s coming together! The video will walk you through a status update on some of my progress.

This assignment is to create the popups where a user will subscribe to my email list in order to receive a Lead Magnet. This 11-minute Loom video will walk you through the setup, and you’ll find a PDF attached at the bottom of this note that has all the tags referenced in the video. We have 7 Lead Magnets, so you’ll be creating the final 5 popups (I’ve already created 2). It’s pretty straightforward–you’ll just be customizing the title, button label, image, and tags on the subscription form for each popup. The video will walk you through it. 

Just realized that the workflow I showed you in the original video, for duplicating a popup, actually leads to a flaw (I cover it in this video). So please still watch the video above, but you don’t have to start following along until you’ve also watched this 4-minute video. Please follow the process in this updated video for creating the popups.  #

You’ll know that you’ve set up the Popups correctly, as popups and not as pages, if, from the WordPress sidebar you go Templates > Popups > All (green arrow in screenshot below) > then in the Type column (pink rectangle in screenshot below), you see the type for each listed as Popup. If the type is listed as Page, go back and rewatch the second video, and recreate that one using the process from that video. 

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