Set up server for LearnDash

This task is to set up the server for the course platform for The Nomads Academy, and to install LearnDash and the other key plugins listed below. I still won’t have the course videos to add to it for a few weeks, but we can start working on getting the infrastructure set up. You can refer back to Doers Brief #6 for a video walkthrough that will help. 

The details to use for setting up the infrastructure for their website are below: 

  • Notes for the AWS server & automatic backup setup: 
    • AWS region to use: Ohio
    • Name for the server & .pem file: NomadsAcademyCourses and NomadsAcademyCoursesPemFile
    • Name for the S3 buckets: nomads-academy-courses-creds, nomads-academy-courses-backups, nomads-academy-media
  • Notes for the “WordPress setup” step: 
    • Site Name: Nomads Academy Courses
    • Theme to install: Astra
    • Plugins to install: 
      • The Pro version of Updraft (you can find the file attachment at the bottom of Doers Brief #6 for the file download), 
      • Elementor, 
      • All in One WP Security, 
      • WP SMTP (this will come automatically installed, I believe), 
      • Elementor Pro, 
      • Astra Pro (both Astra Pro and Elementor Pro I sent to you via Campfire, so you can always download them from there) 
      • And the 2 plugins I’ve attached below, which should be LearnDash and then the LearnDash extension for Elementor

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