Milestone #1 for new client website

Estimated time: 2-4 hours (you’ve done almost all of this before through the Ferdy tutorial on Elementor, plus via following my video walkthroughs for setting up servers via AWS)  

You’ll find the full video walkthrough of this task via Loom here (16 minutes). The video will walk you through the notes below, so you’ll know which bullet points to refer to when. 

  • Notes for the AWS server & automatic backup setup: 
    • AWS region to use: Ohio
    • Name for the server & .pem file: CBPRWebsite and CBPRWebsitePemFile
    • Name for the S3 buckets: cbpr-website-creds, cbpr-website-backups, cbpr-website-media
  • Notes for the “WordPress setup” step on Trello: 
    • Site Name: CBPR Hub
    • Theme to install: Astra
    • Plugins to install and activate: 
      • The Pro version of Updraft (see bullet point below)
        • For the UpDraft plugin, please install the Pro version that I’ve attached. The reason I install this version, which has the extra Migrator feature, is that if a client’s server ever crashes or they do something really absurd to their website which requires it to be migrated to a new server, this plugin makes it easy to perform the migration without error or hassle within 10-30 minutes. 
      • Elementor
      • Elementor Pro (sent to you via Campfire)
      • Astra Pro (sent to you via Campfire) 
      • All in One WP Security
      • WP SMTP (this will come automatically installed, I believe) 
      • Yoast
      • Better Search Replace

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