How to add ReCAPTCHA onto contact forms

When I launch a new website, one of the immediate post-launch tasks is to add ReCAPTCHA v3 protection onto the contact forms, which helps prevent spam. This 7-minute Loom video will walk you through how to create ReCAPTCHA v3 credentials, connect them to the site, and connect ReCAPTCHA to the contact forms. Once you finish, this will be a task that you’ll tick off on the Trello board used for that client as well (it’ll be on the checklist for the final milestone of the project).

For reference, this the link where you can sign up for the Recaptcha keys. If for some odd reason that link won’t let you navigate to it directly, you can go to this link and then click the link toward the top where it says “Register reCAPTCHA v3 keys here.”

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