Filling out & uploading the Plug’n’Play Privacy Policy

Hi there,
From time to time, I’ll need you to fill in a privacy policy for a user’s website and upload it to their site. It’s pretty straightforward: there are just 5, color-coded fields you’ll need to fill in (today’s date, the full company name, the full company website URL, the company email address, and the company mailing address). I’ll always give you a cheatsheet listing the 5 fields, and then you’ll just need to fill them in on the Privacy Policy, and copy & paste the document into the client’s WordPress site.

This 10-minute Loom video walks you through the process. You don’t have to follow along at this point, I just want you to watch the video so that you’ll be acquainted with the workflow.

I’m attaching the Plug’n’Play Privacy Policy below so that we’ll have it for reference:

Zoom Plug'n'Play Privacy Policy.pdf

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