Creating the gold background SVGs

This Loom will walk you through the project, show you how to get set up with the fonts we’ll be using, and walk you through the processes I use to create these. First watch the Loom video, and make sure you watch it through to the end because towards the end I cover the key step of always clicking the “Create Outlines” option before exporting the file as an SVG, which is what will prevent the inconsistent spacing that’s mentioned in so many of the Pastel comments. Once you’ve watched the Loom video, please also watch this YouTube video, as it will walk you through the same process and may also have some good tips.

For reference, the fonts we’ll be using from are: 

  • Adorn Smooth, then choose the AdornS Pomander Regular option once you’ve clicked Adorn Smooth
  • Kudryashev Display

If you need help installing a font from, I believe this video will walk you through it. 

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