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This task is to create the first Facebook group for The Nomads Academy, the online course business I’m building out. I’ve just shared the login to my FB account using LastPass, so you can create the page. The details are as follows:

  • For instructions on setting up the group, here are 3 resources:
  1. You can refer to the Outsourced Doers brief here 
  2. There’s also a really good 17-minute how-to video in the Doers Inner Circle Facebook Group Project. I’m not sure whether or not you have access to the Doers Inner Circle modules, so I’ve just shared my login via LastPass. You can login to the Doers Inner Circle using that, then in the sidebar, click on Training. Then click on the Facebook Group Project, go to Module 1, and click Lesson 4
  3. There’s an instructional PDF, with screenshots, to accompany the video. Apparently you don’t even have to be logged in to the Doers Inner Circle to view it, so this link should work. 

The video in #2, accompanied by this worksheet (a checklist), will walk you step-by-step through the setup process. The details you’ll need to fill in are below:

  • The name of the Facebook Group will be: The Nomads Academy
  • The type of access for the group will be Private, Visible
  • Group Type will be social learning
  • I will add the Description in later. You can write “Placeholder” in that section to remind me. 
  • When choosing the group color, set it to the teal that’s at the top righthand corner of the options. If it’s letting you add in your own custom color now, use hex code #194C47. 
  • **Note: If you need to create a Facebook Page to create the group, please call it The Nomads Academy and use the files I’ve attached at the bottom of this Note 
    • You can use this as the description for the Facebook page (each bullet point is meant to be a separate paragraph):
      • The Nomads Academy is for anyone looking to build more freedom into their life through a web-based business.
      • Maybe you have a business idea in mind, but have no idea how to take the first steps to get started. Or you have a business that’s been going well for a while, and now you’re looking for ideas, resources and support to scale. We’ll help you get where you want to go, by helping you build a better website that brings you lifestyle freedom. 
  • Try to make the URL /thenomadsacademy, if it hasn’t been taken yet. Otherwise try /nomadsacademycommunity
  • Please enable the Admin, Moderator, Rising Star, Visual Storyteller, Founding Member, and Conversation Starter badges. If they have new ones now and they sound relevant, go ahead and enable them as well. 
  • For Post Topics, you can set up the following 7 categories: SEO, Starting a Website, Project Management, Remote Work, Freelancing, Web Design & Development, Growing a Business
  • Please turn on the “Don’t allow Pages to join as Group Members” option 
  • Posting permissions should be for Anyone
  • For now, please turn on the setting where all posts have to be approved (this is the opposite of the setting Grace shows) 
  • I’ll post in the group using my Hannah Smythe profile

For the Membership Questions, please use these: 

  1. [written answer] The best email address to reach you is?
  2. [Checkboxes] To make sure you’re in the right place, are you looking to build more freedom into your life through a web-based business? 
    1. Yes, and I’m a business owner or founder 
    2. Yes, and I’m a freelancer or creative 
    3. Yes, and I’m a web designer or developer 
    4. Yes, and I’m all about that freedom, but still trying to figure out what sort of products/services/business to offer
    5. No
  3. [Written answer] We’d love to know…what are you hoping to get out of The Nomads Academy? 
  4. [Checkboxes] Do you agree to abide by our House Rules? (Be kind, be curious, no pitching, and do your best to make this group as supportive, enjoyable and informative as possible for everyone). 
    1. Yes
    2. No 

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