Create Divi Style Guide

This task is to create a Divi Style Guide for the Cozy Cove website (the one whose password I shared with you via LastPass). You can refer back to the earlier tasks/briefs for the instructions on setting up a Style Guide with Divi, for example the one we did for Icon Hospitality.

To do: You’ll create a new page for the Style Guide on the website, upload the Style Guide layout from the Divi tutorial, update the logo in the default Style Guide to Cozy Cove’s, update the purple used in the default Style Guide to Cozy Cove’s yellow, and then try to customize the modules in the Style Guide to reflect the styles you already see used throughout the site. Remember that you can copy and paste module styles in Divi, which you can do following the guide here.

For this first round of preparing the Style Guide, I want you to go through the existing website, and apply the styles you see used throughout the site as much as possible to the modules in the Style Guide. It’s basically up to you to identify which styles we can incorporate as default styles in the Style Guide.

Next steps: Once you’ve done as much as you can, let me know. I’ll go through it and see if there are any other styles I can identify that we should use, and add them in. Once I’ve added those in, then I’ll let you know & you can start saving the module styles we’ve prepared. Then we’ll start applying them throughout the site, which will help speed it up since those styles created through the Style Guide only need to be loaded once.

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