Copying/making a direct duplicate of a website

This Loom video (8 minutes) will walk you through the process of creating a copy/duplicate of a website using the Pro version of the UpDraftPlus plugin that you’ve been installing on the servers. For now, I just want you to watch the video, to familiarize yourself with the process and see how easy it makes things.

So for example, with the Yawye website that I’ll be updating the copy (text) for, all I need to do is make a duplicate of the site, and then I’ll write my drafts on the duplicate until the client is ready for me to publish the changes on the live site.

When making the duplicated websites, please also update the Updraft settings to A) Run daily backups and B) Use a new bucket named for the new site. This quick 1-minute Loom will walk you through what to do. 

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