Nimble Technology Portfolio: Google Analytics dashhboard
Another sample dynamic dashboard built by Nimble, for tracking Google Analytics metrics on website performance
A sample dynamic dashboard built by Nimble, for tracking Google Analytics metrics on website performance
google analytics

Dynamic Dashboards

With Nimble, you can track crucial website performance metrics from month-to-month, arranged in an easy-to-read dynamic dashboard. Shape your content creation, web development and digital marketing strategies based on crucial data on how users are actually using and experiencing your website.

Metrics include:

  • User Engagement: Which pages are most popular, which pages your audience stays on longest, and which pages they leave the fastest.
  • Traffic Sources: Identify where your users are finding you, whether it’s a Google Search, links on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social network, or ads you’ve run on other websites and sources.
  • Audience demographics: Viewership breakdowns by city, gender, age, device and browser used, and more, all to help you tailor your content to your niche.

Nimble will monitor and analyze the data every 30-60 days, giving you the actionable insights you need to keep your audience and client base growing.

Starting at $45/month

Starting at $45/month

data analysis & visualization

Creative Maps & Charts with Innovative Design

Nimble specializes in data analysis and visualization for small-to-medium sized businesses, startups, nonprofits, social enterprises, creatives, academics, and blogs.

From Dynamic Dashboard creation in Google Data Studio, Tableau, R Shiny, Excel, or AWS Quicksight to creative charts, maps and animated GIFs, we’ll help your business crunch the numbers and visually communicate your insights.

Bump chart showing how the rankings of port size by volume of changed from 2004-2016
Chart showing how shipping volume has changed over the years by port, with single red line highlighting how much Shanghai's shipping volume has increased relative to the rest.
Map showing clustering of high-volume ports in China and Asia
GIF a map comparing the unemployment rate in Luxembourg, illustrated per tract, changing over time from 2001-2016
Unemployment in Luxembourg, 2001-2016
World map comparing military expenditure by country as a percentage of GDP, showing Oman and Djibouti have particularly high expenditures
Map showing UK general election results in 2016, breaking down results by party

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