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Hello, world. We’re Nimble.

Nimble was founded in 2017 to help people tell their stories through their websites. We help clients tell the story of their products and services visually. Nimble is the brainchild of many years of tinkering, hacking away on a system that would make high-quality websites affordable for everyone. With the Nimble Method℠, each of Nimble’s websites is built on the same robust, cloud computing infrastructure used by companies like Netflix and Airbnb.

Technology should be simple, fun, elegant, Nimble.

What sets us apart

And that’s what sets us apart. While web development solutions traditionally mainly focus on the frontend (the design you can see), Nimble’s websites seamlessly integrate all three major components of a website:

  • The frontend, which powers the design,
  • The backend, which powers the functionality, and
  • The underlying hardware, which runs your site and enables you to reach your audience. This layer we address through our innovative cloud computing solutions.

The result is faster, more cost-effective, more robust websites that are easy to manage and update, all while giving clients a leg up in SEO and future-proofing their investment in their website.

what we do

Maybe you’re envisioning a pixel-perfect, reputation-enhancing website with modern design and engaging content.

Or perhaps you’re searching for innovative data visualizations, maps and marketing materials.

Or maybe you’re looking to cut costs and keep your data more secure, seeking a robust, cost-effective cloud computing infrastructure that will help you connect with your audience.

Trust Nimble, and we’ll build you the sleek, easy-to-use tools that will help grow your audience or client base and that you’ll be proud to share.

Technology should be simple, fun, elegant, Nimble.

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